Founded in 1989, MaxiMaids, Inc. was established by Miguel and Jeannine Garcia with the fundamental principles of excellence. The goal was to fulfill a wide spectrum of service needs, while delivering a five-star service. Mrs. Garcia set to lay the foundation for a brand that would continuously deliver excellence. Mrs. Garcia provided the creative vision for the brand.  

As the organization continued to expand so came the development of additional divisions, MaxiBubbles, Miguel Garcia & Associates, Magari Inc and MGN Commercial services. With the implementation of the core standards, all divisions ensure the highest quality product while maintaining ultimate uniqueness. For three decades, the MaxiMaids organization remains as one of the areas leaders in residential, commercial and laundry services. 

MGN Commercial Services is proud to be working alongside the area’s top property management companies. The newest division will work closely with clients over the coming year to understand the demanding requirements placed on residential property managers and owners. MGN Commercial Services offers an exclusive & extensive range of janitorial and custodial services.Our service is designed to assist by providing high-level cleanings performed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We value the importance of a companies’ appearance and our cleaning professional’s take pride in leaving it ready for business.

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As an organization, we value the concept of a client focused principle and its ability to have the client drive the efforts. 

MGN Commercial constantly fosters improvements in employee training, processes and/or updates in strategies. 


Standard Operating Procedures and are engraved into our foundation and development. We focus on process thinking which in turn allows us to deliver excellence to our client. We have worked hard to define the steps that build a successful process, and we constantly measure performance to detect changes allowing us to become proactive. 


At MGN Commercial all employees participate in working towards a common goal. We work hard to empower, educate and encourage our employees and provide a safe & proper environment for engagement.